Low Height God (also known as 'manlet', 'midget', 'shorty', 'knee-high', 'teensy', 'pocket boy', 'ankle biter', and 'Jeffrey') is an avid fighting game fan and resident Australian shitposter of the Discord. Featuring 5'0" of beautiful Aryanlet underage boipussy, he first made his debut within the Discord by spamming shortstacks to Emass and Khoi.

Jeffrey and Gravy have a natural rivalry between each other, as Gravy is a salty faggot when Jefflet pummels him at Street Fighter 3, while the young avid manlet became quick friends with Emass; this being evident by the Great Nuclear War of early December. Manlettoaster and Khoi also took a liking to each other, due to their mutual enjoyment of cannabis and bullying a certain fat fuck.