RedPhoneB's current avatar

RedPhoneB (also known as Red, The Weeb, Weebman, and just about any type of Weeb callsign you can think of) is one of the founders of /v/-Plays and the server's resident Weeb and South East Asian.

He plays FPSs and RPGs religiously, likes playing Racing games, and sucks at RTSs, 4x, and Fighting games.

He continues to play the Fallout games (mostly New Vegas and 4), making fun of Todd Howard for ruining his beloved WRPG franchise.

For music, he mostly listens to Electronica artists like Pegboard Nerds and Knife Party and Rock artists/bands like Muse (and no, I meant by the UK band, not the idol group from Love Live you fucks).

He first found 4chan in 2013 when he was bored and was browsing through the comment section of a Youtube video, when he found a comment with a link that led him to /mlp/ of all places.

Seeing that he was bored and had nothing to do, he started browsing /mlp/ when he's bored or on the road.

2 years later, he was slowly getting bored with browsing /mlp/ constantly, so he moved on to other boards like /v/ and /a/.

RedPhoneB has trust issues with NuclearNautilus thanks to him posting sudden invite links to the server via a /v/ thread twice (even after saying to him that it'll cause another Server Purge anyway) (see A Rain of Nuclear Fire), (mostly) sides with anyone he thinks is reasonable when a shitstorm in the server happens (it sometimes doesn't end well), makes fun of GravyToaster for being a nigger, and still crossposts between /a/, /v/, and /int/ (sometimes /jp/).

Back then, his choices for his Steam names were poor and completely autistic, making him hating his old self when everyone in the server found out thanks to GravyToaster spreading it (thanks a lot you fucking nigger) and occasionally made fun of him about it.

He still continues to play FPSs and RPGs, while still trying to forget his old autistic self (that he inevitably gets reminded of regardless).

"Tell me lies, Tell me sweet little lies..." - RedPhoneB as he makes fun of Todd Howard